Days in Korean MapleStory

Played KMS this year from March to June and I’d like to share some of my experiences.

The feel of playing KMS is so much different even though it’s the same game in different region and language. Everything somehow seems more lively, vibrant and fun. There’s always events going on. If you want to know more, visit these MapleStory dedicated websites:

One of the neat features, YouTube videos in guild’s window.

I can never get that many chairs in MapleSEA. I had more later in game(KMS), they are freaking cheap.

One of the distinct differences is that you can put up Cash Items for sale in shop permits. There’s even a special trade window for you to trade Cash Items with others. Almost all items have no expiry date. Those that have last 365 days. You can also sell back Cash Equips at 30% of their original price.

One aspect I enjoy in a game is the market. Be it any MMO, Diablo 3 and especially MapleStory, I will not miss out browsing through the stores. I really like browsing through stores in KMS. The market is always healthy, full of various stuffs that I’d spend half a day just to view, purchase and sell. It’s even more awfully fun when I have Meso to spend. I cannot afford do this in real life.

Here’s one of the many in-game items out there in a typical shop.

6% all stats, 12% luck. This easily cost more than S$50 in MapleSEA. If that price in shop were to convert into SGD it’d be around S$12 – S$15 according to the current market rate.

Locks can be bought with Meso too. I can’t remember how much each was but definitely less than 100k Meso. By the amount I’ve bought, it must have been damn cheap.

Numbers and more numbers are what Maplers are competing now. For the stats, just click and see the original size yourself. These numbers are only achievable for me in KMS.

Finally, some of the friendly Koreans. Many are quite welcoming towards foreigners and the way they try to communicate can be quite amusing. They wouldn’t understand if you reply with standard English. Try to think like them and communicating using simple to all broken English should do the trick.

And also, the not so friendly…

This sums up part of my experiences in KMS.

2 thoughts on “Days in Korean MapleStory

  1. Z says:

    Hi I hope you can help me out with playing in kms. Is it possible for you to email as I have some questions to ask. Thanks for your help

  2. Kiwi says:

    Hi, I’ve sent you an email yesterday hope you’ve received.

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