No, Please Don’t, Please!

Another day siting comfortably on a long bus trip when…

board the bus.


You are not pregnant right? You are just damn fat right?? RIGHT??!

Please be considerate and do both of us a favour! Put a sign that says “I’m Just Fat” if you are to prevent any possible embarrassment… please…

Why? Why why why must you stand beside me? Huuh?! Please… please go away, please…

There’s an empty seat over there why don’t you just get your ass over it! Huuuh?!! You are making me look bad just because you don’t wana seat and standing beside me…

You don’t want people to think you are old right? You look too young to have this seat given to you! Old hag!

Old hags should be banned from taking the bus! You should just stay at home, safe from the dangerous outside world. You don’t want to risk falling to your death do you???!

Day is ruined…

I’m not trying to be mean but clearly I’m the victim!

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