Rare Stuffs for Sale

Want to get your hands on some super rare stuffs? Don’t miss this opportunity and check out what I have in store!

Good day to all you good folks. Thank you for visiting and welcome to my selling post.

Here’s a few rare artefacts and prized possessions I would like to sell and is willing to let go at a very low price. You can’t just find them anywhere, there’s even a single One of a Kind stuff up for sale!

Decorated Hard Paper Storage Device

Price: USD $999 / SGD $1,229 USD $799 / SGD $989 (20% OFF!)
Condition: 9/10 (Opened, Unused)

A physical storage device made with hard paper. It originally came with a free pack of Corn Flakes but I’ve already consumed it because I was hungry. For that, I’m giving it a 20% discount. I personally like Honey Gold more due to it’s sweetness. This one doesn’t had much taste but because I was really hungry.

The dimension is 8.5cm x 4cm x 11cm, can store up to 374cm³ worth of physical objects and unlimited space for imaginations. The exterior is beautifully designed with the illustration of the Legendary Green Rooster! m(_ _)m. Oh, and don’t worry about the expiry date shown on the dumb box device, it’s for the Corn Flakes.

Leaf Fairy’s Leaf

Price: USD $1899 / SGD $2,339
Condition: 10/10 (BRAND NEW!)

This is not just any ordinary leaf, it’s a leaf left by the Leaf Fairy from her last visit last night! She came through the window and I’m living on the 11th floor! So it’s definitely real since no normal person could just enter like that, not even Santa! He’s too fat to pass through the window railings.

Place it on the soil of your plant will magically help your plant to grow more healthy and vibrant leaves, even a cactus can grow BIG leaves! This leaf can probably last for a month or so upon usage.


Price: USD $2699 / SGD $3,319
Condition: 8/10 (Partially Used)

The Patriot Factory hardly produce them anymore and therefore the stocks are quite limited. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship made with The Solid, The Naked and The Stick put together. This is a special Limited Edition release where The Stick is made of aluminum rod instead of wood!

This has helped me a lot in cleaning up my mess effectively. It’s a very useful tool for your daily lives. The range of usage is up to your imaginations to expand! You can refer to here for more information.

Pokemon Card – Rattata (One of a Kind)

Price: USD $5,299 / SGD $6,519
Condition: 10/10 (It’s supposed to be torn)

THIS IS IT! An original Pokemon Card, torn at the perfect angle and length. As stated above, it’s One of a Kind item, there is only ONE in this world! You can’t find any other cards torn exactly like that! It wasn’t easy to obtain this shit and I’m kind enough to put it on sale! I’m expecting high demands for this baby, I might even need to put it up for bid, oh my…

A true Pokemon Master will not miss this opportunity to lay his/her hands on this super rare card!

Phone of Life

Price USD $6,999 / SGD $8,599
Condition: 6/10 (Unused, Working)

The phone that went swimming in the washing machine, drown, dead and suddenly… it came back alive! It’s a miracle! It revives your dog, cat, hamster, ANYTHING! Especially that snow white flatten little kitten your father’s scambag colleague accidentally stepped on in your kitchen. Of course you’ll still need the corpse for it to work, or a vessel to contain the soul (Sorry, I don’t sell vessels).

It’s a one time use and will cease to function after that. For this to work, you’ll need a to chant The Revival Spell (Scroll) while in possession of the phone, sold separately (Sorry, I don’t have any in stock right now).

Lastly, here’s a free view for the packet of Corn Flakes in case you wana see them so badly.

Thank you for taking your precious time to browse through my rare collections.

I accept payments through PayPal, MoneyBooker and for the locals, Bank Transfer too.

Leave your comments below if you are interested and I will contact you as soon as possible. Price can be negotiated if you feel it’s too low.

Have a nice day!


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