Help Wanted

Due to my busy schedule, I am unable to update this blog regularly. So I’ve decided to hire one who has crazy concepts and ideas to assist.

Your literary work need not be very good. Mine isn’t. But you should at least know how to use “you’re” and “your”. You’re an idiot. Your mother never loved you. Something like that.

Are you interested in blogging? Have crazy ideas, concepts, writing stories or drawing your own comics? You can even turn this site into a partial food blog if you enjoy doing reviews of various gourmet.

This shall be a good place for you to start, if you haven’t, without having to setup the layout(It’s not that hard to setup a blog). Also a good space for you to showcase your stories and comics to your heart’s content.

You can publicise this site however you like through various media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.


For starters, at least one quality content per week.

Open for the locals only. Fill up the form below with your details and wait for the result which will be sent to your email.

Application Form

Application ends on 31st Dec 2012.

All comments are subjected to approval before release. Put a prefix [p] tag if you intend your comment to be private.

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