Kiwiism Updates


I’ve been busy with work and had almost no spare time for updates.

For the past one month, I’ve been mainly working on:

and some other insignificant little projects.

I shouldn’t be saying this but this is actually my fi…

Okay, I really shouldn’t be saying that… but… forget it.

You know when you start posting all the criticisms on a public blog and that particular someone happens to see it will start suing you for defamation plus all other sorts of charges against you. But this has totally no relation to what I wanted to say above.

I’m not particular proud of it and it has left me lots of negative impressions but oh well… it’s finally done. I am responsible for all the things functioning behind and partially at the front.


During the period of development, I’ve totally lost my weekends for weeks. Always feeling grumpy and shits because of the lack of sleeps and had to take loads of craps from xxx and yyy. I spent about 10% of my salary on redbulls… oh OH! Talking about redbull, they suddenly start selling these 335ml cans instead of the normal 250ml cans at nearby 7Eleven store(Ding Dong!) halfway through the project. Those babies decreased my lifespan by 1.34x faster than the normal 250ml cans, woohoo…


I’ve mentioned before, I am a Web Application Developer and as of today, still less than a year of experience in the outside world. But hey! I’m fresh and haven’t reach the stage of arrogance yet like those middle age fags who thinks they know everything, although some do know many things and they have the rights to be arrogant. I’m also at my peak learning period.

My core competency is the back end development with decent front end scripting. I am also exposed to various digital media which enables me to communicate and understand effectively with other professionals.

I am looking for capable UI designers with the knowledge of HTML and CSS. What this person should be able to do is to design a web layout and make it into a HTML CSS template.

I also welcome people with creative and crazy ideas for web applications. I will turn them into reality!

I am actually interested in game development too. If anyone’s looking for a programmer for your games, please approach me! I’m willing and is fast on picking up new programming languages to suit your requirements. However I’ll need at least 3 months notice in advance.

Now I’m freed up a little, a few general entries should be on their way!

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