The Final Ray


Are you feeling unmotivated to do your daily tasks? Do you feel dreadful even when you are coping well in what you are doing?

Do you feel your life is boring and meaningless? Do you feel empty, even when you have balanced or even too much social life?

Feeling stressed because of your relationship or family? Even though you are single and has no family?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes? No worries! You have found your last hope here at Kiwiism! Before I begin, you have been informed that I SHALL NOT be responsible for you or anyone’s death after taking my advice. Having that said, no one has died not following my advice so no problem!

I am an untrained, unofficial with no license “Psychologist” and does NOT guarantee to help you in solving your emotional issues but is certain to ease some of your pains here and there and maybe there too.

Here are some success stories and testimonies from my satisfied clients who are willing to share their experiences with you:

“Me and my girlfriend were always arguing over minor stuffs almost everyday. I felt that we were getting more apart day by day and wanted to put this to an end. And when said ‘end’, I meant an END TO THE ARGUMENTS and back to the days when we were happily together. NOT PSYCHO AND MAKE HER F*CKING HATE ME AND LEAVE ME YOU D*CKHEAD!”

– lucky guy who got back his freedom

“I felt that I was an unless person until I stumbled upon here which made me realised I AM truly useless. Now I’m on my way to attain true happiness… bye bye cruel world…”

– depress girl who finally found true happiness after approaching Kiwiism

“Cao ni ma de bi, yi zhi zou, sha bi!”

– some friendly guy
Author’s comment: He probably meant – thank you! You saved my life!

All your information will not be revealed and shall remain in confidence under any circumstances even if you die in the process (I wouldn’t want to disclose that my client died of course!).

All comments are subjected to approval before release. Put a prefix [p] tag if you intend your comment to be private.

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