Christmas Plans


This year’s Christmas is gona be sooo exciting!

As usual, I will be celebrating Christmas at home, alone!

Christmas during my schooling period was nothing but another day during the school holidays. Now it’s different! Because it’s a holiday on a work day!

What’s on for the coming Christmas you asked?!

It will be the day where my MapleSEA Phantom reaches level 200!

I have calculated the amount of Monster Park Tickets required to reach level 200 on different EXP rate. The minimum required is 300 pieces and I have 275 pieces now! Have been working hard everyday hunting ticket pieces.

For that minimum amount, I will need around 20 hours of 1.5x EXP System Event + 2x EXP Coupon + 50% from Holy Symbol + 20% from Premium Coupon + 10% EXP Potions5.4x EXP rate!

1.5x EXP System Event can be attained via Enjoyable Winter, which provides 30 minutes of 1.5x EXP rate. Have already obtained 36 pieces!

I really hope they don’t remove the 2x Coupon before Christmas…

With that, I am almost ready for Christmas! A 20 hours of non-stop grinding in Monster Park Strong Hold, alone! Best Christmas EVAR!

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