A Procrastinator’s Dream


I might just make it happen this time! Or so I thought every single time.

I’m adding a little pound every single day. My laziness remains at top level.

I’m constantly feeling envious of how successful other people are, mainly the amount of money they are making. Nothing else matters.

So what do I have this time? I’m thinking of migrating this WordPress.com blog to WordPress.org blog on a paid hosting and that’s just the beginning. I have something much more in mind but should least get this started before I can ever reach that stage.

Since I’m a Web Developer, having a hosting space will definitely be useful. I’ll look for a promising web hosting which cost less than $5 per month and a decent WordPress template to work with. I’m too lazy to come out with a template myself as it’s gona be time consuming. I’d prefer spending the time exploring or even developing neat widgets and plugins for the site to hone up my skills.

Now, that’s just a side hobby… Will anyone be interested in setting up an online store?

My proposal:

  • I will develop the eCommerce site for free.
  • I will manage the web hosting.
  • I will maintenance the site for free.
  • I will be paid a percentage of your sales/advertisements(if any).
  • You will take care of the products you want to sell.
  • You will provide necessary information* for your products.
  • You will take care of the delivery*.
  • You will provide support* to your customers.

* or pay me a little fees for assistance =)

Basically you don’t pay me anything upfront at all! Just pay a proportion of what you have earned.

Will it come true this time?

– yet another dream


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