Otaku Stores in Taipei


One of the common areas I’ve read on various sites for otaku stores in Taipei is the Taiwan City Mall.

Alight at Taipei Main Station and proceed towards the “Y” underground mall, also known as Taiwan City Mall.

The following map should be helpful in finding your way. I’ve also added the route you can take. You can always refer to the maps around the station once you have reached as they have “You Are Here” indications.


Address: 台北市市民大道一段100號

I didn’t take any pictures because most of the stores disallow photographing, and I’m lazy. If you want more pictures and infomation, you may refer to:

Most stores open at 11am and are mainly concentrated near Exit “Y17”. There are quite a variety and will probably take you at least half a day if you are an avid figure collector or simply like browsing in detailed.

If you are interested in Maid Cafés, there are a few Cafés in the vicinity.

There are also otaku stores scattered around Xi Men Ding area, near Ximen Station.

You will be able to find stores at the ground floor with limited sections of goods, so limited that you can probably ignore them. They usually sell counterfeits and unofficial goods anyway. If you like UFO Catchers, there are a few stores with them. Usually 100 TWD per try which is around S$0.42 on the date of my visit.


What you should take note of are the small staircases in between the shops which leads you up to goodness.


In fact, most of the good stores I’ve visited are either on the 2nd floor onwards or ground level stores with either a 2nd floor and higher or a basement.

However, not all above ground level shops can be trusted. I’ve bought some sealed box figures and found out to be counterfeits at this particular shop. Blame my inexperienced in figure collection (I’m not collecting).


Most of the stores that sells Manga or Anime CDs/DVDs usually have a second section which sells other Anime goods. They’re either inside, upper floor or basement. Goods like t-shirts, mugs, towels and other accessories are common.

I have nothing much to elaborate as I’m not a figure collector, yet. But if you happen to be visiting Taipei for the first time just like me and is interested in Anime goods, I hope this entry will be helpful for you.

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