Taipei Maid Café – Maiden School


I visited 3 Maid Cafés in total (well, I don’t know where else to go) during my very first Taipei trip. 1st Café visited, Maiden School in Taiwan City Mall.

Address: 台北市市民大道一段100號 台北地下街(click for Google Maps)

There are actually 2 opposite of each other and the one I went had a maid outside to invite me in. There is also a Butler Café along that path if you are interested to serve by dicks.

Alight at Taipei Main Station and find your way through the “Y” underground mall. I found the following map to be quite a good reference and I’ve added the route you can take. You can find similar maps around the station to guide you as they have the “You Are Here” markings in case your sense of direction is as bad as mine or worse. Just travel all the away along the “Y” section and you will reach eventually.


Business Card from the Café.


If you plan to go, I would recommend a time between 11am to 12.30pm where customers are at the minimum. I went on a Saturday at around 12pm with 2 other Taiwanese guys in front of me, it was empty. The maids will have nothing much to do but to serve you, makes you do moe moe spells on the food, chat with you, play some games with you, makes you wear bunny ears.

For that day, I just went around eating small desserts and snacks instead of a full meal.

Sorry for the blur. I just dug in the moment it was set on my table without thinking until 1 of the guys reminded me that I should take a picture so I just took a quick snap and continue.



View from where I was sitting. Random Anime songs are played through the speakers.


It’s kinda awkward and embarrassing since I almost never post pictures of myself nor do I frequently take pictures of myself (my hand was shaking… (^^ゞ). But here’s a picture of the Lord. Now you can die peacefully. I think I might just remove this eventually…


I had a nice chat with the local guys there. Being a Singaporean, I’m so used to speaking with different languages in a sentence. It was quite a challenge to speak full Mandarin Chinese, although I’m a Chinese. And I’m also not good at reading Chinese characters but at least I could ask.

That covers the Cafés in Taiwan City Mall I’ve found.

Read more about Taipei Maid Café on Good Smile Café or another Maid Café (I’ve forgotten the name) I’ve visited.

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