Taipei Maid Café – Moe Point, Dead


I was looking for a Maid Café called Moe Point at Xi Men Ding area near Ximen Station. My hotel was around the area so I had many chances to search for it. I walked past the location quite a number of times but never found it. Until I found a picture of Moe Point’s store front and compared to the area I was searching, it’s no longer there, replaced by some random Café.

However, I did managed to find another Maid Café on my last day in Taipei. It was almost next my hotel too.

I can’t remember the name, and did not really have any sort of records. But I can show the location on the Google Maps.(click for Google Maps)


The location is next to a store selling fried chicken pieces and fried oyster mushroom pieces. The store tenders are pretty noisy but entertaining. There are usually queues for the fried pieces so you should be able to notice it right away.

If you’ve also noticed the poster of a maid (click image above to view full size), up the small stairs is an elevator which will bring you up to the store front. It’s located on the 6th floor.

This was my 3rd visit to a Maid Café in Taipei.


View from where I was sitting.


I ordered a fruit tea, but wasn’t expecting to be this amount as I’ve ordered the same previously in another Café, it was only a teapot, not a jug.


The tables for 2 were all full. They only have tables for 4 or more and I’m alone because I was traveling with a bunch of senior citizens and therefore decided to go around Taipei alone.





The place was quite comfortable and relaxing with Anime songs playing through the speakers. It’s located in a shopping district so do expect customers. I went there on a Sunday at around 3pm.

Too bad I only found this place after I had my lunch. I could only go for “light snacks”…


You can read more about Taipei Maid Cafés on Maiden School or Good Smile Café if you haven’t done so. They’re also part of my trip.

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