Another “Long Time Never Post” Update


Almost 2 months since my last post and it’s due to an increased in my workload. February just pass by without me noticing.

The site view rate is only 1 to 11 daily and most of the views come from the maid cafes’ entries.

I don’t think there is any regular audience among the views. Or their was, but had forgotten about this site and lurked somewhere else.

A few uninteresting personal life updates.

University Application

I have been successful with my recent University application! It happened so fast in February. The application is still on and I am already selected for the course I applied for. My first step to World Domination.

Institute: DigiPen Institute of Technology
Course: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

If you want to know my qualifications for the application,

  • Diploma in Interactive & Digital Media with GPA 3.29
  • Ordinary Level Grade 26 (4x C6 + 2x B4)
  • 1 Year Job Experiences in Web Development
  • 1 Recomendation Letter from My Current Employment
  • A Web-Based Simple Portfolio Made in 4 Hours to Showcase My Recent Works

I was asked a few questions, mainly why did I chose SiT. I’m not revealing my answers, they come with a price. Contact me to get a quote.

I couldn’t solve any of the Maths questions being tested on me during the interview. I showed them my portfolio later. The interview lasted around 30 minutes.

My Hobbies

I started collecting some Figures and Nendoroids recently. I’ve also bought a detolf. I will be doing some reviews soon, finally some reviews of my own figures.

I still play a bit of PS3, PSP, DS, PC games. I bought a 3DS few months back but my sister is dominating her with her Professor Layton.
I should be hunting for some 3DS games soon. Waiting for Pokemon X / Y release in October!

Valentine’s Day

My 23rd year combo…

Guess I’m not ready to commit yet. Sometimes I imagine how my girlfriend would be, she will definitely have flaws but that’s fine. Because if everything about her is good, it doesn’t reflect well on me…

How wonderful to have someone to love and trust. I do feel lonely sometimes and… OMFG??! Look! New MapleStory Patch Update! Can’t wait to play tonight!

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