The Magical Snacks


I’m constantly putting on weights! What should I blame? Guess I shall blame the stress I’m getting at work which caused me to keep gorging snacks.

A few common snacks and candies I buy to relief stress. I seemed to have some brain-hand-mouth coordination malfunctions because I always ended up eating them all causing me to keep spending money buying them again, damn it!

Rice Cracker

Rice Cracker

No matter how hungry or how full you may be, you can consume these forever. Consume 10 of these and feel more hungry than ever while your tongue starts to sting.

Skittles Green

Skittles Green

If you’ve ever eat the whole pack alone, your tongue starts to prick and sore. It’s like having a thousand needles piercing through. I will think “I’ll never gona eat this whole pack of shiits again!” and the next day I’ll think “I’ll definitely NOT gona each this pack of shiiiits again!” and it goes on. I ate this almost everyday during my days working on data entry to keep me awake.

Ovaltine Tablet Malt

Ovaltine Tablet Malt

You just want to slowly enjoy this sweet smooth chocolaty taste on your tongue…
and suddenly, you’re furiously munching the shit out of them! Ouh gawd! Now the fragments are stuck on your wisdom teeth and you start digging with your tongue, arrggh!
Enraged, you pop in a few more tablets and start munching angrily again!

Hi Chew Candy

Hi-Chew Candy

Here’s the challenge, do not chew! How is this possibru??!

Choco Baby

Choco Baby

I will just have one last piece else I’m getting a sore throat… Aannnd it’s the last piece…

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