I Also Like to Live Dangerously


1. Closing my eyes for a few seconds after turning off the alarm.

2. Convince myself that I will remember the important stuffs
    first thing in the morning and go to sleep.

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Next Stage of My Life


After today, I’m converting to part-time! I should have done it earlier! The rate I’m offered for part-time is S$15/hr and after doing some Maths… working full-time only earned me S$12/hr?!! Furthermore, No overtime pay and all the interactions with those(not all) god damn clients! I’ve been working like an idiot all along!

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Theory of Life and Death

death angel

Some time back, I came out with this life and death theory on a bus trip to work. Simply put, every moment of your life to the nano-second, your death rate changes based on different factors. One of them is the change in death rate of your surrounding living forms.

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