What to Post?!!


Okay… I’m running out of ideas to post these days. I don’t think you’d want to read emo posts and shits. My work is driving me nuts. I do love my job but not the people.

I’m kind of lazy to post any figure reviews for now. I don’t really enjoy photo taking and the process of uploading them is a pain too. These are my last acquired pieces.


The wall is kind of ugly so I had my sis processed it a little.


I do have a few unpublished entries which I moderate time to time until I deem that they are safe to release. If I’m not careful with my entries, I can be sued for defamation. I’m also gona keep those religious and racism jokes to myself.

I have been constantly reviewing all my entries, moderating/removing the ones I deemed inappropriate. The amount of published to unpublished entries are 50% each.

I’m really pissed recently. I am no longer surprised by last minute assigned works, I can even anticipate them now and it’s really not a good thing.


There’s these advices I came across some time back and found them to be very useful and potentially ass-saving.

Don’t reply when you’re angry.
Don’t make promises when you’re happy.
Don’t make decisions when you’re sad.


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