Theory of Life and Death

death angel

Some time back, I came out with this life and death theory on a bus trip to work. Simply put, every moment of your life to the nano-second, your death rate changes based on different factors. One of them is the change in death rate of your surrounding living forms.

If you hit your death rate, you die. (゜◇゜) It could be a stab from a robber, a venomous bird poo that burns through your skull or simply stop breathing.

It was a single-deck bus, I was sitting somewhere near the exit doors when I notice a bunch of senior citizens chatting at the front.

Wow, sure is a noisy bunch and lots of old f… Wait! I took a quick look at the seats behind me and there were like 4 more grandpas sitting at the back, there wasn’t any other youngsters around! やばい! My life was in great danger! I had to alight immediately!

If death had decided to take any of them, I might get dragged in too! For a moment, I could see their torch within flickering! With that amount of near-death auras influencing the surrounding environment, it wouldn’t be just a heart attack or an accidental fall. The whole bus was gona crash!

Without hesitation, I alighted at the next stop. It was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made in my life under such a short amount of time. Although the bus did not crash, it’s always better to be safe. Else I might not even have the moment to be sorry!

Other factors that contributes to your death rate at any moment includes but not limited to:

Those peeps didn’t have much health points left, that’s for sure, and thus high death rate.

I’m not sure if anyone of them had enough luck to overwhelm the chance of accident, better not risk.

One of them could go crazy and start f*cking around near the bus captain.

The real formula is actually way more complicated in my mind. It’s a pain to explain them all but the above should be sufficient in conveying the general concepts of my theory.

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