Next Stage of My Life


After today, I’m converting to part-time! I should have done it earlier! The rate I’m offered for part-time is S$15/hr and after doing some Maths… working full-time only earned me S$12/hr?!! Furthermore, No overtime pay and all the interactions with those(not all) god damn clients! I’ve been working like an idiot all along!

The reason I’m converting is to prepare for my upcoming University Entrance Examination on the 31st May. The online courses starts next week, mainly on Mathematics. I really dislike Maths and just when I thought I’m finally free from them after graduating from high school, they are back to haunt me again.

Despite the feedback from previous students and the news stating how difficult the University courses were, with high dropout rates(like 30-40%?) and shits, I ain’t gona care! I just have to do it! Well… I am actually quite affected by that because I still don’t have enough confidence in my competency level.

I’m poor, my family is poor, not that I blame anyone for being poor but soon I’m gona be in debts. I am likely to be applying bank loans for the full course fees of around S$50,000. If I complete(I must!) the course smoothly, I’m quite confident that I’ll be able to payback within 2 years and start living a comfortable life.

And this reminds me of a Spongebob Episode. Be grateful because I specially uploaded this myself. Enjoy! Do notify me through the comments if the video is unavailable.

Can’t upload, got blocked, too bad!

Update: Okay, I feel really bad disappointing you for not having any Spongebob Episode in the end so I thought that I should at least share something else. A video from one of my favourite YouTube Channel.

2 thoughts on “Next Stage of My Life

  1. seeberj says:

    What is it you want to go to school for, you might be able to learn it all from books.

    Just saying.

    I created my own online business, I learnt everything from books and just taking action,.

    • Kiwi says:

      Hi, sorry for the late reply.

      Well, I’ve got lots of reasons. One of them is getting the Degree as a backup, in case anything goes wrong I’d still have a decent qualification for median paying jobs. The standard of living is not low in Singapore.

      I know myself pretty well that I lacked discipline to concentrate on anything for long. For that, I need a condition where I cannot easily back-off anytime and force myself to complete the courses. I’m also pretty lazy so it’d be better to be guided as well for a start.

      Self-learning and going to school are completely different experiences which I believe will help me greatly in the future through interactivity and people I’ll be meeting.

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