I Also Like to Live Dangerously


1. Closing my eyes for a few seconds after turning off the alarm.

2. Convince myself that I will remember the important stuffs
    first thing in the morning and go to sleep.

3. Not having a case for my iPhone.

4. Leaving my Facebook logged-in at work and go for lunch.

5. Sitting on the priority seat in train.

6. Not wearing spectacles when I get up in the middle of the night
    to pee.

7. Picking up meatballs with chopsticks from a distance when there
    is a spoon.

8. Pouring juice into a cup on the door of the fridge.

9. 1 hour lunch break? 1 hour 2 minutes.

10. Google with safesearch off.

11. Drinking a glass of Coke while using a laptop.

12. Filling hot water over the marking of instant cup noodles.

13. Gently place dirty dishes in the sink and walk away as quietly
     as possible while mum is washing them.

14. Standing right under the shower-head before turning it on.

15. Did not actually read the terms & conditions and agree on
     account registrations and game installations.

16. Rides a bicycle without a helmet.

17. Pushing the glass doors of KFC outlet when it says “Pull”.

18. Unplugging my thumb-drive without safety remove.

19. Not reading the safety manuals before operating my gaming

20. Not saving the game before facing a legendary Pokemon.










From Anime: Gintama Episode 37


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