History of Kiwiism


Kiwiism – One Step Closer to God @ Webs
09 August 2008 – 13 Dec 2008
30 Entries

A blog on environmental and human behaviors studies. Full of insults and photos of gay people.

Author’s Thoughts
I don’t believe in God. The word “God” to me is not a figure of worship but a nature of divine. I started Kiwiism back then in hope to attain some knowledge and experiences of life although I ended up insulting people around me and taking photos of gay people in the trains.

It’s the period of time when I act all mysterious, portraying a quiet smart-ass who doesn’t give much f*cks and giving those “I hate people” craps although I still hate most of them.

Lost interest shortly after due to the unfriendly interface of Webs and the inflexibility.

Kiwiism – Peace is the Spark of All Chaos @ WordPress Season 1
26 February 2010 – 13 February 2011
100 Entries

Supposed to express my superiority but somehow became an emo-blog and eventually got sick of myself.

Author’s Thoughts
If you are living too peacefully that it’s sooooo boring, you’d wish something chaotic would happen… Just a thought and that’s how the title came about.

This blog racked up about 10k views in total and I have been thinking of the reasons that drove that amount of traffics. It wasn’t a promotional or advertising blog of any sort, it’s purely personal. It’s quite a number to me since I didn’t intentionally spread words of this.


I intended to show how much I’ve grown and attained from the experiences in the previous blog but it ended up quite negatively.


Part of a visitor’s comment:


I see… so all you perverts like lonely-emo girls don’t you? You piece of shit! That probably explained the traffics.

Those emo entries are over for me now. All within me. It’s time to get up and move on to the next stage.

I stopped due to National Service. I didn’t want to waste my free time on blogging.

Kiwiism – Your One-Stop Idling Centre @ WordPress Season 2
15 September 2012 – Present
30 Entries as of 03 May 2013

A blog to promote love and peace.

Author’s Thoughts
Heh hey! This is it! There’s enough emo-blogs out there already but fun is never enough! I aim to give the current theme of my blog is a more relaxing feeling. I personally like the color scheme a lot. I vent my frustrations here sometimes but I know you shitheads like to seek happiness out of others’ miseries.

I’m quite satisfied of how the theme is going right now and is expecting this to stay longer than my previous.

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