Kiwiism Reorganisation

Decided to clean up the site a bit while the contents are still not that much.

Kiwiism Reorganisation – 10th May 2013

+ Re-organised all categories for easier content navigation.
+ Modified and added more relevant tags to entries.
+ Privatised some of the entries – no longer viewable to public.
+ Added Categories filter in side column for easier content navigation.


The next reorganisation will be slightly more involving reviewing and moderation of all entries. It’s mainly to improve the quality and removing/modifying any possible undesirable contents written by the idiot me of the past.

12 May 2013 Updates

Kiwiism Reorganisation – 12th May 2013

+ Moderated various entries.
+ New background image.

New background image:



All comments are subjected to approval before release. Put a prefix [p] tag if you intend your comment to be private.

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