Anime – Hyouka(氷菓)


Just picked up Hyouka and finished all 22 episodes straight. Didn’t watch at the time of release due to the limited freedom I had.

Ended up having massive headaches after comprehending everything at one go. But I must say, I really loved this series a lot!

Hyouka(氷菓) is a 22 episode TV series with the genre of Mystery and School Life.

What attracted me to this Anime was the main male character, Oreki Houtarou. I admired him all the way till the end.



Furthermore, Hyouka is visually pleasing. The animations are simply amazing and I really loved how different styles of abstract animations were used for story-telling.



All characters are likable and the stories having the victims portrayed as unlucky heroes from manipulated intentions really stirred up my emotions. Heartaches in addition to headaches.

Watching the whole series of Anime straight has it’s advantage and disadvantage. Having the next episode readily available till the end satisfies my lusts but my feelings for the characters will not be as strong compared to a series watched over a significant period of time.

eru-cant stop thinking-s

It’s because of these beautiful series, my love for Anime never dies. I can’t stop thinking about it!


3 thoughts on “Anime – Hyouka(氷菓)

  1. themonumentaljackass says:

    Thank you, for an enticing suggestion!

  2. pris lee says:

    Loved it too

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