Science of Persuasion


People consider all the available information in order to guide their thinking. They would want to use the least possible amount of time to guide them into making faster decisions.

Few principles, employed in a proper manner, can significantly increase chances of someone to be persuaded by your requests.



A natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing or idea.

People prefer to say yes to the person that they like. But what improves liking of a one to another?

We tend to like people who are:
– Similar to us
– Pay genuine compliments and respects
– Cooperate towards mutual goals

Steps to negotiation:
1. Exchange personal information
2. Identify similarity shared in common
3. Begin negotiating


People like to be consistent with the previous things they have said or done.

One of the methods that can be employed is by asking for small commitments that can be made one at a time. When they are able to commit in small tasks, gradually they will be able to commit into bigger similar tasks consistently.

When people make their own decisions, like an appointment time, they are more likely to show up because they want to be consistent with their words.


People will follow the credible knowledgeable experts.

Signal to others what makes you an expert before your influence attempt. It can be a work pass, business card, uniform; any other things that identifies you as a professional.

You should not just tell people how capable you are but can certainly arrange someone to do so for you. Someone to introduce your credibility, competency; your knowledge and experiences in the relevant fields as an expert.


Gives the impression of:
– increase in difficulty of obtaining it
– increase of value
– standing to lose out

People would want more of those things that:
– are scarce
– they fear not having the opportunity again
– are limited time only


A mutual exchange or make someone feel obligated to give when he receives. Can be in a form of behaviour, gift or service.

If you did someone a favour, that person is likely to say yes the next time you request for a favour back. This effect is also achieved by buying someone a drink before making your requests.


Existing, occurring or operating at the same time; what the majority are doing now. People will look at the actions of others to determine their own.

If many people are already doing it, it must be good. They are more likely to make the same decision especially when the “experts” are doing it too.

Rather then relying our ability to persuade others, we can just point out what many similar others are already doing which is more likely to convince them.

Knowing all these, it’s up to you to employ techniques based on these principles, ethnically or unethically. You may realised that some of these principles were also used on you before.

From Anime: Hyouka Episode 14

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