Life Syndrome | Trapped Within


Certain syndromes can be observed at different stages of life. These syndromes are mental affliction that overcomes the “victim”, causing the victim to act like a total dweeb. They can last up to… forever.

My recent studies have proven that quite a significant amount are trapped in this particular syndrome that yearns for people to “Unravel The Mysteries Within Me”. It’s a syndrome where mental delusion overcomes the victim’s rationality. The deluded victim will convince him/herself with unrealistic reasoning within.

Victims of this syndrome constantly drop “puzzles” and “hints” which often leads to their “ideal personality”, hoping for the right target to pick them up, “solves” them and then into their delusional outcome. Doing for a prolonged period of time actually hurts the victim which he/she might not even be aware of and often results in victim being trapped in stasis forever.

One may have the illusion that he/she is progressing. The fact that the this syndrome has not ended after many years is the sign of the vicious cycle itself. Spending all their time waiting and hoping…


Not that these syndromes are bad. They are powerful forces that can be turned into advantages which guide you through your life if well-adapted. Instead of getting trapped by them, use them to prevent.

At some point of your life, you have probably read articles like “How Would You Know If Someone Likes You”, “Signs Of Affections” and some social behaviours craps. How many times have these “signs” failed you throughout your life and yet you are still clutching onto them so ever tightly because you have nothing else to rely on. Free yourself from them and start to think for yourself.

Knowledge is useless if I don’t put it to use. I have no use for my social communication skills anymore and thus, have decided to stop learning. I didn’t had much opportunity to use any of the advanced knowledge; only passed down as advice which none has ever used them to their full potential.


Are you constantly finding yourself questioning on worth, encouraging yourself, telling yourself what you should do next… but in the end, seemly make no progress at all? What’s more… you are already in your mid twenties to thirty and have still yet to solve most of your doubts within your heart for the past 10 years?

It’s time you realise…

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