Surrounding Mysteries


I have been working over the night recently and can’t help but to notice various repeating sounds every single night.

The top 3 most frequent occurrences:

Third – the alarm of what I thought to be from the nearby childcare centre would go off for a few seconds then stopped.

Frequency of the alarm is about 15% of the time. Why would anyone not complain about that and put a stop to it?

Well… I’m not really bothered by this. I’m trained to naturally respond to only certain sounds when I’m asleep. The car alarm won’t actually wake me up at night.

I’m more sensitive to actual alarms I’ve set to wake me up or ring tones/message tones from my mobile. I’m also sensitive to someone walking into my room and to my name.

Second – creaks of the windows can be heard across the building. Occurs from the range of 1-3 times per night if it does happens.

The frequency of the creaking sound is about 30% of the time. Nothing suspicious I guess. Just that too many people are playing with the windows at this hour.

This doesn’t interest me much. Probably the wind or the creaking sound from aluminium window railings. I usually take a look at the surrounding when the sound occurs but no lights from any household was on.

First – at around 2am, the floor directly above me would emit the sound of falling water. Some of the water would drip onto the ledge of my windows or splat on the window glass itself.

I have never checked if those are truly pure water and since there are potted plants above my unit along the corridor, someone must be watering them, nothing suspicious… I did not give much thought to that until recently…

Why would someone water the plants at 2am every single night? Or at least when I’m awake at that time, I will definitely hear it.

water girl

Kekeke, this is one I can’t stop thinking about. I’m planning a night to wait near the corridor a few minutes before 2am and solve this mystery. I will need to prepare myself thoroughly because I have a strong feeling(and really wish) that this is a supernatural occurrence.

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