May Figure Collection – Sanka Rea (散華 礼弥)


Had my eyes on quite a few but most of them are unavailable. This is the only one for the month.

Origin: Sankarea (さんかれあ)
Sanka Rea (散華 礼弥)
CM’s Corporation (CM`sコーポレーション) Manufacturer




Not gona write a detailed review, just a quick one.

Bare bottom, details to the minimum. The hair is decent and the level of details, like the body curves, are quite awesome too.

I think the eyes are slightly too far apart. If her left eye were to be closer to the center by 1 millimeter, it would probably look better.

The paint job isn’t really well done on the bandages. There are visible uneven brush strokes on the bandages.

Would prefer her skin colour to be much paler towards the grey tone since she’s a zombie. Otherwise it’s actually well gradient.


Overall I’m still satisfied. Would give it a 6.5/10. Currently the only scaled figure of Rea.

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