Definition of Life


Having spent most of my time at home gaming, viewing videos/Animes and reading up random shits which are often useless for practical application, I am easily classified by many as a “lifeless” individual.

But what is the true meaning of having a “life”?

What some people think having a life is:

You’ve got only 128 friends on Facebook?!! I have 3 full accounts already!

Clubbing every alternate days, getting drunk and shits.
I must let everybody know I’m having a life by posting pictures of wine bottles and glasses. Also, my 3rd pack of cigarettes of the day.

Must catch all the movies, drink all the bubble teas. Most importantly, must take all the photos of my meals and share else people might not know I actually DO eat.

I’m so sad. I think I’ll take a picture of my emo face, post it on Facebook and comment “I am so ugly” so guys will compliment and comfort me and girls will get jealous of my beauty.

Now in a relationship – “Yet another awesome day with you! *chuu~*”
Now single – “Never again! All guys are jerks! *sob*”
In a relationship but complicated – “< tonnes of craps >”

Stupid people posting about stupid people posting people being stupid.

My toast is here.
Let me take a snapshot and update my Facebook first.
“My breakfast.” – 1pm
“OMG?! Breakfast so late?! Not good for your health!”
“Haha < random craps >.”

“I am so angry now!”
But I won’t tell you what happened even if you ask. Just want to let you know that there are people more stupid than me and made me angry, real angry! Because I don’t want to talk about it.


Having too much of a certain life isn’t always good. You will just gain another negative title. It needs to be the right amount of dosage. Else you will be told to get another life again.


If I do badly in tests, I am lazy and stupid.
If I do well in tests, I have no life.

If I’m good at certain sports, suddenly I am a gay.
If I don’t play sports, I have no life.


If I don’t know much on certain subject, I am an ignorant prick.
If I know too much, I have no life.

If I socialise too much, I become an attention seeker whore.
If I seldom socialise, I have no life.


If my level is lower, I am a noob.
If my level is higher, I have no life.

If I get pwn’t, I am a f*cking noob and you slept with my mum.
If you get pwn’t, I have no life; and you’d sleep with my mum too.


“Get a life” and “No life” are often used as insults in an uncool way. It also reflects the individual’s characteristics.

Commonly identified:

1. Insecure individuals as a response to someone with different
    hobbies, interests or attitudes to themselves. Often think they
    have a lot of friends but no one really cares.

2. Nonsensical individuals as the ultimate insult who have nothing
    better to say or unable to fight back in an argument with
    logical reasoning.

3. Diffident individuals to comfort themselves from their own sad
    lives by criticizing someone else’s “life”.

4. Egotistical individuals who know nothing about the person they
    are insulting to show the superiority of their “lives” they have.

5. Xenophobic individuals as a last resort when they get pwn’t so
    badly by a witty insult/comeback.

6. Retarded individuals when they found out that another person
    has a gaming/computer hobby and chooses to insult that person,
    rather than using their time to talk to friends or do something

Used in a more neutral manner:

1. The response to somebody who won’t stop harassing you and mind
    their own business.

2. The response to somebody whom you think sits around all day doing
    nothing productive.

3. The response to somebody who doesn’t have anything better to do
    than to complain about little things all day.


Seriously… getting real tired of your shits, you full of “lives” people.

My life definition is simple. I just make rational decisions and do whatever I’m happy with.

Touhou Sleep

This is my life.

One thought on “Definition of Life

  1. Illujion says:

    I admire your passion, truth has been spilled

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