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Facebook has become like a news centre where I can get most of the major news from instead of reading them up on the official news sites.

Singapore was recently devoured by haze(and still is), even hitting a new hazardous level record since 1997. This has anger many local citizens, and probably all the bad luck tourists. I do feel bad for all the birds and cats out there too.

The haze doesn’t really affect me too much. I have been staying at home for almost 24 hours everyday, doing a little mathematics, some part-time work, watching Anime, playing games and of course the daily chores.

The only difference is the air-conditioner operating 24/7 with occasional burnt smell but that’s not the point of this entry.

Pollutant Standards Index(PSI) Reading

I used to observe PSI from the TV screen or the National Environment Agency(NEA) website. Now, I just have to access the Facebook news feed, with additional reviews on the new value.

10 consecutive posts from 10 different people on the same PSI reading. Talking about the reliability, they are definitely reliable. Screenshots of PSI readings, even taking picture of the screen literally from PC monitors and TV screens were included. Also comes with many other photos of haze at their surroundings.

(If the images seem familiar, it’s probably yours.)




Woah woah woah! This must be some serious business! There’s a big fat red circle and a fatality(?) image icon by the side!


That’s some deep analysis. Even the maths are done for me too! I don’t have to get all distressed thinking about if the value increased or decreased because it’s really a pain.

Since I’m indoor most of the time, what will happen if I step out of the house? NEA has cautioned on the general health effects upon exposure but Facebook probably contains more practical and realistic stories.

Many were complaining on nose, eyes and throat irritation, those typical attention/sympathy fishers. But these are the good people whom have tested out the consequences and I am truly grateful.

I’ve also learned that normal clinic mask doesn’t really help against the haze but it’s all about self-convincing. The Gawd saves those who believes, right? No. I’m sure there will be plenty who still wear and think they are safe. At least it’s something better than nothing, right? No.


That’s not all. The inhalation of haze seems to also cause some brain damage and possibly hallucination. Senseless comments are starting to appear everywhere. What’s horrifying is many of these comments are very similar to each another one way or the other. Some starts to think that they are psychic because they “predicted” the PSI is gona exceed a certain amount and it came true.

Is this some sort of evil human brain degradation plan from some secret evil organisation?

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