How to Scrounge for Christmas Presents



The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to look for toy store ads that come with the newspaper during the holiday season.


Then you study it while sitting next to your old man when he reads the paper in the morning.


You must not make any direct references such as saying “I want this!” Show that you’re thoughtful enough to refrain from asking for presents because of money concerns.


A sigh can prove effective.


Your old man may pretend he doesn’t notice, but I guarantee he does.


Be patient and continue this routine every morning.


And one morning, you wake up to find that your old man has pulled out the toy store ads for you. This means that victory is within your grasp.


“The price has dropped on the TS ehh?” Casual little pushes like that. Be wary of your pronunciation. Your old man is unfamiliar with foreign words. Enunciate each and every word.


Then you just wait for Christmas morning…


“I’ve put your favourite ads together. Merry Christmas.”

From Gintama – Episode 200

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