The Magical Snacks


I’m constantly putting on weights! What should I blame? Guess I shall blame the stress I’m getting at work which caused me to keep gorging snacks.



Taipei Maid Café – Moe Point, Dead


I was looking for a Maid Café called Moe Point at Xi Men Ding area near Ximen Station. My hotel was around the area so I had many chances to search for it. I walked past the location quite a number of times but never found it. Until I found a picture of Moe Point’s store front and compared to the area I was searching, it’s no longer there, replaced by some random Café.

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Taipei Maid Café – Good Smile Café


My 2nd visit to a Maid Café in Taipei, Good Smile Café, on the same day I visited my first because they are pretty near to each other at the same station.

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Taipei Maid Café – Maiden School


I visited 3 Maid Cafés in total (well, I don’t know where else to go) during my very first Taipei trip. 1st Café visited, Maiden School in Taiwan City Mall.

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