Life Syndrome | Trapped Within


Certain syndromes can be observed at different stages of life. These syndromes are mental affliction that overcomes the “victim”, causing the victim to act like a total dweeb. They can last up to… forever.

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Theory of Life and Death

death angel

Some time back, I came out with this life and death theory on a bus trip to work. Simply put, every moment of your life to the nano-second, your death rate changes based on different factors. One of them is the change in death rate of your surrounding living forms.

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The Final Ray


Are you feeling unmotivated to do your daily tasks? Do you feel dreadful even when you are coping well in what you are doing?

Do you feel your life is boring and meaningless? Do you feel empty, even when you have balanced or even too much social life?

Feeling stressed because of your relationship or family? Even though you are single and has no family?

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