About Myself

Born in the year 1990, Aries
Singaporean Chinese
No Religious Beliefs
Height: 168cm
Weight: ~70 kg
Contact: kiwiz@ymail.com

Diploma holder with a total of 2 years working experiences in IT platforms.

Currently pursuing a degree → BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation at DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.

Last employment position → Multimedia Designer / Web Developer.

My core competency is in Web Development with PHP / PHP based frameworks. Skilled in HTML, Javascript/jQuery, CSS, MySQL. Has knowledge in various digital media platform including audio/video, 2D/3D games/modeling, print/design and photography. I’ve acquired new sets of skills recently such as C/C++, data structures and algorithm, as well as some mathematics and graphic stuffs. Also with some experiences in making 2D games.

My potential IQ is probably around 120 to 130+ but appear 100 most of the time. Childish at heart, matured in mind, sensitive, emotional and quiet. I’m usually playful so don’t take my contents too seriously. If you find any of them to be too offensive, you can make a request for me to make modification or simply remove them.

My hobbies include gaming, Animes, spending money on electronics and I started collecting figures recently.

I actually hate blogging, it’s a waste of time. My original intention was to allow people to understand me more until I realised no one gives a shit. I then changed my style of blogging, hoping to reach those in despairs. If you think no one ever understands you, there’s one right here, willing to help you out unconditionally or hit the last nail for you.

Hope you will enjoy your stay here!

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