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One of my hobbies is snooping around Facebook profiles observing posted contents. Often I will try to guess their reasons, intentions and “motives” for posting them. In addition, I’d imagine myself posting those contents and how I’d feel at that moment.

Update: Improved readability.

I seldom post in Facebook for the past 5 years until recently. I’m starting to open up a little, posting a few status and comments… sometimes to study reactions.

I’ve decided to share my thoughts on some of the common contents in Facebook. Most of them are generalised and may not necessary apply to all other similar events. The more detailed studies are my weapons which I definitely won’t share!

This should be pretty common.

“so angry!”
“really so angry!”

“hey honey, what happened?”

“i don wan to talk about it…”

“how about f*ck you.”

These are the usual attention seeking posts. The most desired outcome is your crush or whoever you intended for, hoping for that person to notice and start “caring” about you through private messages. Why do they “care”? They are bored.

Many like to share random articles that positively describes a personality and comment:

“so true!”, “that’s me!”

to convey

“please look through carefully and understand
that this is the true me!”

when most don’t give a shit and just start looking up for their own descriptions.

And also some wise/selfless quotes with their input:

“I agree!”, “< insert other subtle agreements >”

to convey

“I am a boyfriend/girlfriend material and I’d love you
(hoping to reach the right person) unconditionally as
described in the quotes because I agreed to them.”

Or some random act of kindness articles/videos,

“if everyone is like that…”, “< insert some insightful thoughts >”

and some other bullshits to convey

“I’m full of kindness!”


I admit that at one point, I had the urge to do similar as above(not the image) because I wanted people to understand me more, but not anymore. Nobody gives a shit. I know because I don’t.

10 years ago, I cook because I am hungry and really want to eat.


Now, I cook because I want to take a photo, post it to Facebook, write “my breakfast/lunch/dinner” and ultimately, to convey the most important message “I’m a husband/wife material”, hoping my crush sees it and “woah! you can cook please marry me!”.

What’s my mood today? How would I know?! Someone has to tell me!


I can understand horoscope readings but seriously… this?! Some have degraded to the point where they can no longer decide what to feel anymore.

Well… anything to do with moods and emotions usually conveys “I’m a emotional/sensitive person”, “I have high EQ”, “come to me for love love advices” and similar craps along that line.

Some years ago, I posted an IQ result of above 140 on my wall. My intention was to attract challengers and partially to show off my intelligence. That’s kind of childish.

Recently, there’s this image of squares and challenge you to count the number of squares. < insert a number lesser but close to 100 >% couldn’t solve this! The % number is a trap to lure you into attempting this challenge and potentially embarrassing yourself. If you are dumb and got it wrong.

This content was flooded with many right and wrong answers in the comments, nothing special, until I saw this particular person doing “Judgment” work going around the thousands of comments replying:

“you’re correct!”, “yes, that’s the correct answer!”
“you’re the < insert the remaining % > smart people!”
“why can’t people get this right? it’s so easy!”

I guess he/she took it a bit too serious… and was rather proud to belong in the lesser percentage of the “smart” ones.

What’s if I told you solving that doesn’t mean you’re smart? It does shows your intelligence. Though in this case, quite an opposite effect.

Are you feeling guilty? Sorry =)

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