This page is specially made for readers to have a glimpse of what’s available for you in this site instead of wasting precious time searching for what’s probably not here.

All listed entries are ordered in chronological order from newest to oldest for each category.


Eeveelution – Eevee’s Evolution Base Stats Comparison Chart
Emoji Library
Maplestory EXP Stacking
Taipei Maid Café – Moe Point, Dead
Taipei Maid Café – Good Smile Café
Taipei Maid Café – Maiden School
Otaku Stores in Taipei

Light-Hearted Reads

I Hate It When a Girl Just Climbs and Starts Relaxing in My Cup
How to Scrounge for Christmas Presents
I Also Like to Live Dangerously
The Magical Snacks
How to Fold a Paper Crane
Rare Stuffs for Sale
No, Please Don’t, Please!

Interesting Reads

Definition of Life
Life Syndrome | Trapped Within
Science of Persuasion
Theory of Karma
Theory of Life and Death
Social Media Studies

Media & Information

New Kiwiism Banners
Kiwiism Reorganisation
History of Kiwiism
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W OP Song
Kiwiism Banners

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