Hello World

Started working for a week which explains the sudden lack of entries for the entire weekdays of the week.

Wanted to achieve a 1 entry per day frequency, but I guess I will just try with at least 1 entry every alternate days instead for the time being.

Gotten a position as a Media Designer/Web programmer.

I don’t particularly like it but it’s the only thing I can and want to do. I will probably start to love it when I earn more from it. It’s a fair trade. I provide services and in exchange I can sniff all the new boxes I want.

The first thing that greeted me on my working desk was some sort of vaginal cream (bottle/tube?)… in a box. I had that little urge to sniff the box… but I DID NOT DO IT! I SWEAR! And it’s JUST THE BOX OKAY?!

My previous first day in another company 2 years back was stepping onto glues… TWICE! With and without socks.

Everything else went smoothly that day with some disappointment here and there. I seems to be youngest there with no trace of hopes anywhere…

I’ve also decided to apply for a chance to experience campus life again for the last time and hopefully the journey starts next year in search for another piece of paper.

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